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Originally Posted by HermitModeON View Post
There's a lot of threads on here started by people who can't get laid but want to really bad. The way I see it, there are three reasons to want to get laid.

1. Procreate. If you want to get laid for this reason, then you're probably doing fine.

2. Lose virginity. There are other things you should be worried about. Whether you're 15 or 45, there are always more important things than sex you should be worried about.

3. Feels good man. Think about all the times you've masturbated. Did you ever ONCE think to yourself after you were done, "well that was the best decision of my day." Same thing as sex.
Thumbs up. I agree 100%. It seems that as a whole the society lacks substance, integrity, or individuality. Everyone follows the crowd like brainwashed drones.

Edit: The term getting "laid" is also an insult to me as a human being. People don't realize they're degrading themselves when they use such terminology.

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