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I've been blogging about caffeine lately on my blog thought I would share my experience..

Basically I have been drinking this VERY strong black tea (Clipper Everyday Organic - English Breakfast Blend) which makes coffee look tame. This stuff is so strong it makes me high almost and manic. I only have 1 cup a day, anymore than that and I get super anxious verging on panic attack and also can't sleep for 24 hours. I am very sensitive to substances though.

I been drinking this tea for years and look forward to the buzz it gives me in the morning. But I decided a week ago to knock it on the head as my SA has got much worse over the last year. I figured anything I can do to help reduce anxiety (and caffeine is known to make it worse).

Well the results astonished me. Once it was out of my system after a couple of days I felt so much calmer and more emotionally stable. My SA definitely reduced and I was less edgy around people.

Then this weekend I drank the tea again just to make sure. Sure enough, all the bad effects came back quickly and my anxiety got worse. I'm now drinking green tea (Twinnings Light Green) and quite enjoying it. Never used to like green tea but this is not bitter and is very refreshing. Good thing about green tea is that its rich in L-Theanine which is like a natural tranquilizer it calms the mind. Green tea has caffeine in still but much less than black tea, and there seems to be some synergy going on with the L-Theanine and caffeine I think as it doesn't have the physical stimulating affect of black tea, but yet it does make you more mentally alert. Winner!

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