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Pretty good

I've tried this one, and i must say it's pretty helpful if you've just been diagnosed with SAD. It introduces you to ANT's, slow talk, relaxation, and makes you question why you really have this way of thinking.

Really opens up your mind to what SAD really is about.


I've started and stopped it several times.

Once you've done the initial learning about it, it makes it hard to go through all the beginning steps of the therapy again.

It's good for getting you in to a day-to-day good frame of mind, where you might just want to get past feeling anxious about getting on a bus, or doing your grocery shopping. Once a "huge" anxiety situation comes along, like a job interview or a party where you know your going to have to mingle with people for hours, it just doesn't seem to quite get me their and thats when i give up.

I would recommend it coupled with something else, like group therapy.
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