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Originally Posted by Lisa View Post
Oh wow! You remember that I said that?

I think the whole idea of someone speaking in a soothing voice (the instructor) and doing slow movements is not my thing. There were also lotus blossoms everywhere and the lights were slightly dimmed. I felt like a fish out of water.

I take Aerobics classes now and that is so much more my thing: Loud music and jumping around a lot
Oh yeah.

Yeah, I mean there are lotus poses, but that's not what it's about at all lol! I can't do a lotus to save my life. Not all of it is suppose to be slow movement, some you just go fast through a vinyasca. Plus arm balances, which is my favorite, I love to fly and even basic poses that will get you extremely flexible over the long-term. I think you went to the wrong class because it's pretty intense stuff and no matter how long you been doing it, you should feel tired especially if you move through progressions. You need to find an instructor who's kind of crazy.

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