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Originally Posted by AlekaHarlow View Post
The first day I took it I was also taking L-theanine and drinking a few Smirnoff Ice's (probably not the best idea? idk) but I felt great (might have had something to do with the Smirnoffs haha). I woke up the next day and took another 100mg of 5-HTP before starting my day. I felt so terribly drowsy all day and very lethargic! I had work that day, anxiety was a little down but I felt so empty, it was a nightmare. My favorite part of my shift is when we all get together and have staff dinner, I usually pile up my plate at the buffet. But this time all I got was a little salad and I could barely even finish it without feeling nauseous. I was also very irritable. I think the dose that I took was too high for me, I should of take 25mg or 50mg. I don't think I want to experiment with it any further, not worth all the trouble.
I read you shouldn't drink within 5 hours of taking it. I don't see how a few smirnoffs could be a problem though. I just got some 5-HTP but I read how it may cause some heart valve problem? I need to find out more but I doubt it will be an issue... (even Icy Hot kills a few people every year).

It definetly would cause you to have a supressed appettie though. If I were you I would go back to 25mg for a little while and then go up to 50 and keep it there.

So you really felt it affect you? Did you notice any positives in terms of SA?
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