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It actually works

Originally Posted by Sapphiress View Post
this is your personal review Drew? I saw in the other threads you posted the user's name along with the review but not this one, so it is yours? and 5 stars.. cool I will see what this is about

so it's not really possible to learn this without a practitioner? how about if I just try to have better posture and put my own hands on my body when I am correcting this lol.. well in any event I am sitting up straighter now when I was very hunched before reading your experience.
I know what you mean about it making you more anxious to try and perfect your posture in the company of other people as I've been quite self conscious in my days.. well what do you suggest? is there no alternative to seeing a practitioner?
I recently started learning the Alexander Technique and I want to share a few things. First of all re the comments of Sapphiress. I was thinking the same way at first, that I can do it myself, just sit more straight. However, it doesn't work. Let me start how I got to the Technique. I actually started having claustrophobic attacks when flying which I never had before. Through a friend I was a referred to an Alexander Technique teacher and through the Technique I didn't just improve my posture, but actually I learned how to react when having an attack in an airplane. And guess what, it actually works! :-) The whole idea is that the technique teaches you how to react according to specific situations and let your energy flow in the best way possible through your body. There are great introduction videos I found here: and Check it out and give it a try, that's my recommendation
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