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David H.
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I'm 2 1/2 months into Overcoming Social Anxiety Step-By-Step (OSA-SBS) and it's doing wonders for me.

The two main things it teaches you to do is to disassociate from your negative thinking about yourself and social situations (and the world), and rebuild your self-image - which is totally f%#Ked and irrational if you have SA. It's like a nuclear attack on negative thoughts, and then a steady and solid rebuild of the city of your life.

It's not your fault if you have social anxiety to this point. But it is your responsibility if you aren't willing to do what it takes to overcome it. Dr Richards if very clear on this.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: If you are not actually really willing to overcome your SA, to absolutely do whatever it takes, you want to play the victim (part of the automatic negative thinking you may or may not be aware of), and don't want to take responsibility to solve your SA once and for all - DO NOT DO THIS PROGRAM. Don't pay $350, don't even pay $10 for it, or don't even borrow it from a friend for free - IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO SEE IT THROUGH - 5 MONTHS, EVERY DAY.

How bad do you want to overcome it?

Now that I've scared off you non-commiters - it is actually very easy to do (compared to other self-help stuff I've done, and gets amazing results), and can mostly be done in the privacy of your home/room.

I'm only 1/2 way through but let's just say I can go out by myself to bars, clubs and meet people easily and feel comfortable in myself. When I don't OSA-SBS gives me the tools to smite my SA right then and there!

I will re-post here when I'm done with the program, and from the progress I've been making, it's only up for me and down with SA. If it doesn't work and everything backfires, I will gladly tell you so, no BS here. But I can't even conceive of that reality somehow. But we shall see!
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