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A quick update..

Ya I do. Took 3 last night around 11:00. 5 this morning when I woke up at 9. Felt fine for most of the day and honestly didn't notice any effects at all. Didn't help with anxiety at all. Definitely didn't help with ADHD. I didn't feel "depressed" at all while at school, but that isn't really too uncommon.


7 hours after taking these this morning, I feel like ****. I'm in a terrible mood. I feel like I snap at anybody who even tries to talk to me. I feel depressed, but not in a sad way. I just don't give a **** about anything/anyone and feel like I swing from rather "emotionless" to just pissed off at people for no reason pretty easily. And yes, I feel exhausted/sleepy.

I'll also add that there is no reason I should feel this bad. I've eaten two good meals so far today. My classes all went well. The professors I've met so far seem really nice. I ran into a bunch of friends who seemed happy to talk to me. Got invited to a dinner party tonight (hopefully I'll feel up to it) and some event for a former boss of mine who happens to be a really nice guy. A few other people wanting to set up lunch plans throughout the week texted me. And a high school friend asked if she could stop by and say hello before class. Plus I got a solid 9 hours of sleep last night.

Overall, a ****ing great day by anybody's standards, yet I'm still pissed off at everybody and everything around me and just want to sleep.

My recommendation is to stay FAR FAR AWAY from this "supplement". Unless taking the stuff at the recommended dosages seems to have an amazing effect on you, don't bother with the stuff. Increasing the dosages still yields no benefit as far as I can tell and seems to lead to an agonizing "crash" type period.

I'm tossing this stuff in the trash tomorrow morning.

Edit: Oh, and my eyes feel all dried out and watery. Weird.
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