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Originally Posted by HackBauer View Post
Social Anxiety Background
Had SA my whole life up until around 16. I was in "the swing" of things and doing so well I enlisted in the military. The night I was leaving for basic training a culmination of events along with stress of leaving triggered a panic attack. My symptoms that were non existent were back full force from that point.

Other Treatments
Tried a supplement called Neuromax which has GABA, St Johns, 5-htp and other vitamins and herbs. Very effective but same results as below.

Treatment Experience
Works great for a week or two. Feel that the mental block I have goes away, and confidence is boosted. Overall mood is improved. After a week or two of taking it, I have experienced a much greater form of depression than usual. Id say my depression went from very mild to pretty severe. After weaning myself off it I feel all better again.
I am new to this site, and was interested in reading about your medication, plus the herbal stuff. What did you actually take? Have suffered from anxiety and depression for many years, and have been on citalapram for about 3 of those. Don't really feel it does that much good, but when I tried to reduce and wane myself off, went way, way down.

Also suffer from Tourettes Syndrome - that is my biggest problem, but it has friends who come along with, ie depression and anxiety - feel I am in a no win situation.
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