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OCD/Autism question. (A bit long)

I don't want to be thought of as somebody who's constantly looking for things that are wrong with them, but I've got some serious questions about the way I behave, which I have tried my best to ignore; but which may in truth be causes of SA.

As, I just mentioned in another thread, when I was a kid I was always avoiding people (I still am obviously), but I also but also I used to have some weird behavioural traits, some of which I still have.

I remember sometimes walking around the playground at school by myself, twitching my hand. I remember teachers looking at me funny because of it. Also the teachers used to wanted to send me to a speech therapist. I hated loud noise (still do).

And then there was the obsessions; I used to scrub my hands with soap until the skin bled. I used to imagine there was some kind of slime on me that I had to keep scraping off. I had to keep opening and shutting the car door to make sure I hadn't trapped the cat's tail or something.

Most of the physical obsessions and rituals have now gone, but now I have mental ones. As I said in another post, I am obsessed by peoples ages, and I have to keep thinking about ages and dates of birth whenever I watch a film for instance. I can't feel any kind of mental calm until I've finished thinking about it. I get odd thoughts about my bones breaking that sometimes I struggle to get rid of. I have to do some kind of weird prayer thing before I climb into bed, even though I'm not religious.

I was just wondering if anyone else recognises these traits, or if anyone else personally has them. I fear it may be some kind of Autism? Thanks for reading.
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