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My quick review of Buspar:

I am currently on 10mg of buspar x3 a day.

Initially at first I had dizziness and vomiting so I decided to break the 10mg pills to 5mg and take x6 a day. Worked like a charm, also an empty stomach helped avoid side effects.

So down the to experience. I am on day 10 of Buspar and I am extremely happy with the results. I had really bad anxiety on day 4 or 5 and it was horrible, I was about to quit buspar, Thank God!!! I didn't quit and came through it because now I have almost zero anxiety, I would almost compare this to a benzo working efficiently. I still have more months to go to reap benefits. So excited to finally find my one and only anti anxiety med.

I would give this med about 3.5/5 stars because I still have worry-related thoughts, It just gets rid of physical anxiety.
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