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Originally Posted by ReincarnatedRose View Post
When you have SA, you have a sense that you could belong and yet something that feels out of your control is keeping you from belonging so that adds another level of outside-ness...
YES! I have always, always felt like this. I didn't understand why I was always either ignored or bullied, because in my opinion, I wasn't "that" strange, or weird, or ugly. In the last few years, when trying to make sense of my school years, I've actually said that to people, in slightly different words: that it didn't make sense to me, on the surface I didn't look that different from other kids, and on the inside (and at home) I was just as outgoing and friendly and smart and funny as any of them. I told my boyfriend a few months ago that I always wished just ONE of my classmates would have reached out to me and taken the time to get to know me, but that didn't happen.

The little girl in the video has friends even though she didn't talk at all: that made me so emotional. Even though she struggles, she won't feel ostracized like I and so many of us did in school.

This video affected me so much; I fell asleep at 5am after watching it and woke up before 11. I could not go back to sleep; my mind is racing.
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