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I am 27 and have had moderate to severe SA since junior high school. I only recently decided to try medication to treat my SA. I previously tried to make progress with my SA by speaking up in class, at meetings, etc. I would make small steps, but they would never transfer from one situation to the next similar situation. My doctor tried Zoloft for two months, and I didn't really notice any effects at all. Xanax works really well for me, but obviously that is not a solution for everyday anxiety. My doctor decided to try Cymbalta with me, and after reading the reviews on here, I was not very optimistic about the chances for it to help me. He started me on Cymbalta, straight from stopping Zoloft. He started me on 30 mg for the first 3 days, and then 60 mg afterwards. To my surprise, it started working from the first day I was taking it. However, I was on Zoloft the day before I took Cymbalta, so that is probably why it started working so quick.

The effects for the first few days I started taking it were that I felt pro-social, and just comfortable talking. I also felt a little foggy headed the first few days. The fogginess went away, as did the pro-social feeling (not completely, but for the most part), but it has really taken the edge off my anxiety. For situations that are higher anxiety for me, I will still take a Xanax, but I am comfortable in everyday encounters that were difficult for me before. Overall, my experience with Cymbalta has been very positive, and I think it is worth a shot.
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