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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I had one instance where i took a gram of theanine and it felt like a benzo but a subsequent use a week or more later did not have the same effect, same dose too.
Did you take it with or without caffeine? Like I said, it sounds counter-intuitive but I think theanine works better with caffeine. At the very least, you'd need to drink a cup of Coke or something with the theanine or get some caffeine pills. Ideally just make up a big batch of the most potent tea you can find. PG Tips is pretty good but I can't drink it without milk and sweetener (I think it's made to be drank that way). Anyway, it seems to be very potent if you get it fresh.

Green tea is pretty good too but you have to get high quality green tea. Often that's only available if you order it. I can't find much quality green tea where I live. The kind in the teabags just isn't very good tea (usually).

Valerian root doesn't do anything for me even high quality with a massive dose same thing with kava I wish it did...
Valerian is a strange one because when I first started taking it, I would feel a very pronounced effect in about half an hour. After taking it for a few weeks, it still relaxes me but it's far more subtle. It's one of those things where I don't notice what it's doing for me until I've been taking it for a while and then I don't take it for a few days and get that really tight, nervous feeling.

Don't take huge doses of Valerian all the time because it MIGHT be bad for your liver. But I've taken normal doses of it for years with no ill effects.
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