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Adele-I love the fact that she doesn't have to conform to the typical female artist image. Her talent speaks for itself.

Sade-She can disappear for years, and come back like she was never away. She's strictly about the music, nothing more, nothing less. I respect that.

Lauryn Hill- A genius imo (and I don't use that word often.) She has a beautiful voice, but I speak more so of her songwriting talent, her lyrics. If anyone has heard her "Unplugged" album in particular, you'll know what I mean. Her content, the issues she chooses to address, the way she puts words together is amazing. People say she's not all there and to quote her, honestly who is all there?? But I think she's actually more aware of what's going on around her (both in the world and in the music industry) than the average person is. She's just a special talent.

Eva Cassidy
Beautiful voice!!
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