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Originally Posted by sleepytime View Post
Anyone know how much Theanine there is in a cup of green tea?
I know that tea seems to work better than Theanine pills do. And don't worry about the caffeine. Though caffeine makes you nervous and jittery on it's own, it has a synergy with Theanine where it gives you energy without the jitters while the theanine simultaneously relaxes you.

Tea is one of the best things you can consume for relaxation. Green tea or black tea. Doesn't really matter. As long as it's real tea leaf. I'm a huge advocate of it because I've been drinking tea for it's calming (and mind sharpening) effects for several years. I have not yet had a time when I drank a cup and didn't get a wonderful feeling before I finished the cup.

I would recommend you try tea before you spend too much on theanine pills. I bought a bottle of the vitamin Shoppe brand and they didn't seem to do a thing.
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