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Going on a vacation alone is far to extreme for someone in my situation.

I've also never had any alcohol in my life, so going to bars is pretty much out of the question. Sure I could just drink water, but the main thing is being in such a social environment would force me into panic attacks easily.

And like I said, I have celiac disease so I can't eat out at restaurants without being extremely careful of what I eat, but there's always contamination to worry about too, so it's best I don't eat out at restaurants.

I don't have any money either so I can't just up and go on vacation for a week. I've never done any traveling in my life and I get motion sickness very easily (from when I used to travel with my family when I was in my child/teen years)

Yeah I could go on and on and on throwing excuses at you all why I can't do anything. But this stuff is real, and I don't want to fight it. Panic attacks are extremely debilitating for me. They cause me to hyperventilate to the point I just pass out from too much oxygen intake.

I don't know what else to say, other than I hope nobody else ends up like me, cause I'm definitely a lost cause.
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