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Switching From Nardil - Any Suggestions?

I've been on Nardil for a little over 7 weeks and have decided to stop taking the medication. The main reason is the cost. I don't have insurance, and even the generic was about $90 for a months supply. This was only for 60mg/day and I've read many people need even higher doses than that for 2 months or more to see any effects. I would have loved to give this a full try to see the benefits, but I simply can't afford it.

So now on to something else. In the past 12 years I've tried about 5 different SSRI's which didn't do anything, Remeron which I was a zombie on (could barely function/stay awake the following day), Wellbutrin and Buspar with no luck, Ritalin, Adderall (was ok, but pooped out and didn't notice a big help in depression or anxiety), Klonopin (which I take at night to help me sleep, but makes me too tired and out of it to take during the day). So at this point I'm basically down to an SNRI like Venlafaxine (Effexor) or a Tricyclic like Nortriptyline (Pamelor).

My psychiatrist was leaning towards the Nortriptyline, mainly because Effexor usually has serious sexual side effects (which is what I've hated the most about all meds, even Nardil) along with some other sides.

Has anyone had any luck with either med? Would it even be worth trying the Effexor - do the positive effects outweigh the negative or is there anyway around the sexual side effects? Any advice or even suggestions on possible other meds would be greatly appreciated! (If you have other med suggestions it would have to have a fairly cheap generic version). Thanks!
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