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SA + ADHD can mimic mild ASD, so if you don't have all of these sensory problems that people are going on about, it might be worth reconsidering.

I had the ASD ("features of Asperger's" because I was lacking some symptoms) label forced on me as a child because my outward behaviour (holding myself back socially because of the SA, and inattention/hyperactivity from the ADHD), and it completely destroyed my childhood and education. None of the behavioural support they gave me was of any benefit, and I could never identify with people who actually had the condition.

It wasn't until I discovered SA that I realised why I was so socially awkward (I never identified the feelings that caused me to behave like that as anxiety before), and it wasn't until I realised that there was more to ADHD than kids climbing all over the furniture and running around in circles that I realised why my organisation, listening skills, concentration and frustration threshold were so poor.

Just something to consider for SAers looking into Asperger's.
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