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Originally Posted by Kon View Post
I really like this pdf. The Nesse references also discusses the evolutionary advantages for anxiety.

Very interesting read. I had to chuckle over: "Comparing non-autistic and autistic individuals then may be more like comparing a dog (a pack animal) to a cat (a largely solitary animal)..." Reminded me of how, as a child, I would sometimes follow my cat around on all fours as it prowled around in the yard - imitating his movements, right down to the rump-twitch before a pounce. Even taught myself to purr basically like a cat at one point, using the throat, but I lost that odd "ability" as I got older and figured I should stop practicing it. Looking back, these things must have seemed awfully strange to my family (and nosy neighbours), but it felt very natural for me to emulate cats. I love animals in general more than humans, but I've never really had an interest in/appreciation of dogs... Perhaps there's now an explanation for it (-other than being strongly disgusted by how they smell).
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