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Originally Posted by Kon View Post
For those with such sensory issues do you find that sound is by far your worst stimulus?
Sounds are probably the worst triggers for me, too - the ones I can't control, anyway. Since my early teens, I don't even try to sleep without earplugs anymore.

Noisy people at work mean that I periodically have to play musical chairs - hunting for a seat that's far enough away from them while still being in a lower-lit section that's not too much out in the open... Unfortunately, our department got moved to a tiny part of the call center last year that always has the heat cranked up into the 80s (-thank God for my fan) and on top of fluorescent lighting, it also has skylights, of all the stupid ideas...

I did manage to secure a darker, comfortably quiet corner a few months ago, but a very noisy guy (-won't go into detail here), later decided to start sitting at the pod directly in front of mine... And I had moved there to get father away from him in the first place! <insert frantic screaming here>

On top of that, he wears the most disgusting cologne/body-spray/deodorant/whatever-the-hell-it-is that I've ever smelled in my life on a guy. It literally makes me feel sick, so I have to turn my fan around as soon as he comes in, trying to blow his stench back over the divider (-so much for cooling me down, as desperately needed). Nobody else seems to mind his "scent", of course - and he somehow hasn't noticed how I react when he's around, or is too much of a di*k to care. I'm afraid to ask him to move as he probably wouldn't take it in a subtle way, and he's got one of the loudest voices on the floor... Or worse, talking to him about it might lead me to explode into a scene, due to pent-up anger.

Out of all of the available seats, the one I have now would still be the perfect for me, if he'd only stayed where he was when I moved there! <more inner screams>

(Gee... Maybe this is what they call a "meltdown"?)

I'm just so sick of my ridiculous sensitivities. No wonder I hate leaving my apartment so much. It's the only place that I can really be comfortable and in control.
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