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Oh thank you... .... One was I had to go in a store that sold bras and ask for super big sizes and say I was getting a breast enhancement surgery, and she said they only have what's on the racks and I was like "Are you sure..? .. 'Cuz I really like the designs of these here,.. are you sure you're not going to be getting anymore in stock..? Really..? Nothing bigger than this...? I'm going to need it really big"

For the next one I had to make a complaint about the mannequins in the window and say I thought it was really innappropriate that they had nipples, and I didn't like that they were dressed in really low-cut tops, and can she tell the manager about that and make sure they do something about it. She totally took me seriously, and was like "Sure. Definitely. I'll make sure to tell her. We'll fix that."

The next one, I had to go into a store that sells only little girls clothes and ask for suggestions for a super ****ty outfit for a costume party. She was so shocked when I told her "I want to look like a total ****". I said show me the shortest, tightest outfit that would be able to fit over my boobs. She was like "well what colors were you looking for...? Well it's a store for little girls, so the necklines are gonna be way up here..." I'm like "Well I could modify it, ya know, cut it so I could show alot of cleavage..." She was so shocked xD .... She was suggesting other stores for me, while at the same time actually trying to help me look for an outfit xD.

The next one, I had to go into Abercrombie & Fitch and tell an employee I thought a model on a poster in there was really hot, and I had to ask him if he could give me the model's number. The guy didn't know what to tell me. It was so funny. He laughed nervously and said he couldn't help me with that, and I said I wasn't leaving til I got that model's number.

For the next one I had to go to Victoria's Secret and ask about vibrating panties . The lady said they didn't have them there, and I was like "Are you sure...? .. Because I think my friend said that she got them from here... You sure you don't have them....? " And she said maybe online but not in the store. Then my friend had to hold a bra up to his chest, and the employee saw him xD ...

I also made him ask about dresses for men in Banana Republic, and ask about a live window mannequin job at another store. He was flexing, and he turned around and said "look at this butt. I work on this butt everyday! You sure I can't get a job modelling clothes in the window..???" .... And he made his own dares for himself, leaping into a videogame store doing a pose in the air that copied a game character on a poster. Then he asked if a Micheal Jackson dance game was safe for little boys. And in a store that sold custom screen printed shirts, he asked is he could get a naked body printed on a whole outfit.
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