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"The Dare Game" at the mall for anxiety exposure therapy

I played "the dare game" at the mall yesterday with my friend. It was fun and it was anxiety exposure therapy. We dared eachother to engage in absurd/embarrassing interactions with store employees. He doesn't have SA, so he did the dares with no problem and had fun with it; it was hilarious xD. And I completed 5 dares pretty well. I was actually able to talk without my throat closing up and sounding all soft. And I was able to think clearly enough to come up with responses and keep the conversation going. My friend said he was impressed and he didn't think I came across as having SA. My heart was pounding afterward, but it felt good because I accomplished something .

Pretty wild dares,... so embarrassing, but hilarious. And what was even more hilarious was when the employee seemed more embarrassed than I was xD .... or when they actually took me seriously and tried to help with my absurd request xD ahahahahahaha...... I'll describe them if anyone would like to hear (read ) about them...
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