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Social Anxiety Background
PTSD, severe anxiety, 7 years of depresion

Other Treatments
Have tried prozac and xanax and some others.

Treatment Experience
i read up on it i was pretty desperate to find something, my social anxiety was so strong i was unable to see a doctor or psychologist. I bought it at GNC hearing it was a suitable brand. I was expecting it to take 4 weeks to work. I immediately disregarded instructions and downed 900mg on a full stomach. I was almost instantly cured, well i wont say im fully cured how can i be sure? But i have no side effects, well funny people said it would make me tired but it had the opposite effect on me it gave me energy. i think it gave me energy because before my mind was racing all the time now my mind is calm. Now i can focus on tasks and work and dont get sidetracked into a land of hypothetical questions and analyzation at every turn. Although i cant attribute 100% of my cure to it My little pony friendship is magic definitely helped as well.

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