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I've been trying it out. I've wasted a lot more $ on too many "therapist" sessions over a decade ago.

The first tape shows that Dr. Richards understands where SA people are coming from as he relates his own story. The anecdote about him looking in the library for anything to help with SA in the 80's reminds me of myself doing a similar thing for a few nights at the university library before I dropped out soon after. (imagine living in a dorm with severe SA ). Of course if Dr. Richards is for real. You learn to never immediately trust anyone or anything in business or life after multiple decades of SA and being taken advantage because of it.

One could be concerned that Dr. Richards is no Donald Trump or someone who has superior social skills to begin with, but he says he had overcome SA and that he and his associates have helped thousands of others improve as well. And another positive is that Richards experienced SA personally and understands it as opposed to a psychologist who has no first hand experience of the malady.

So far it sounds promising. I'll update this review as I go through it.
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