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Experiment 1:

Well I tried some of the kona kava root powder tonight. I used 2 tablespoons, put in a the blender for a couple of minutes, then strained it through a muslin bag.

It had no noticable effect on me at all. Either this brand of kava isn't very potent, I didn't use enough root powder, or I experienced the 'reverse tolerance' I've been reading about.

Next time I'll try 3-4 tablespoons and post the result.


Update: Experiment 2:

Ok...So I gave my kona kava root powder another go...this time I took 3 tablespoons but I'm sitting here with no noticable effects once again. According to a lot of forums this brand of kava is extremely weak and doesn't give you anything like a real kava experience at all, I'm beginning to believe that too

Next time I'll go for 5 tablespoons and actually use it before a social event, not sitting at home waiting for some kind of buzz ....I'll update again once I do that.
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