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I remeber when I was really anxious (not from social anxietty but it steemed from the truoble I had at home, I worried about general things, became sort of a hypochondriac lol and had insomnia for a minute) my aunt introduced me to the tea when I was freaking out , she gave me a big cup... I forgot where we were going but in the car, I fell asleep ! lol and I wasn't tired either, my racing thoughts usually kept me up, but once I drank that tea, i relaxed and fell out XD .. so it defintely worked for me then.... I still buy chamomile from time to time bc I just love tea, but I haven't been drinking it as much, maybe i should start. Anywho, my aunt drinks the tea as well, I guess before social events.. and she said it calms her so maybe it works.
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