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Originally Posted by bobalo View Post
Ive read the book panic to power a few times and tried very hard to make it work but all the technics the S.A.plows right through.Its like a moped going head to head with a freight train.I dont think spending all that money on the full course would be worth it.I might be wrong but I dont have extra money laying around to take that chance.
You can always find it free online, try it for a while, and then buy it if you find it helpful. It's quite a different experience from reading a book and doing exercises that way.

Originally Posted by bluepelican View Post
I really can't recommend this program enough. I think anyone who really puts the time into it will see results. I wish I would have discovered it ten years ago, but it’s better late than never.
Same here - my anxiety has gone down a lot just after a couple of months.

Originally Posted by serene7 View Post
Even when one day was missed it was noticeable how it holds back the progress. I usually read this weeks handouts and several ones from past weeks that i feel i need to work on or that are relevant to a problem i currently have (e.g. worry or any other). In this way the progress is really noticeable and quite stable. I guess i spend about 30 min-1 hour a day.
That's good to hear - I struggle to make myself do it for half an hour a day (there are so many other interesting things to do), and often wind up forgetting about it. But even doing it so sporadically it's been really helpful, even better than the CBT I did 20 years ago with a therapist.

But I'm going to try to set a time for it every night, like 9-10pm. Otherwise I keep putting it off until it's too late.

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