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Let me start by saying I love this program. I have had SA for as long as I can remember and it had basically destroyed my life and my sanity. When I was pulled away to college and forced to deal with the SA, everything spiraled out of control and I ended up with GAD and severe depersonalization. Not. Good.

Anyway, this program literally saved me. It took me from a place of intense fear (so intense I had completely detached from EVERYTHING with depersonalization) to fear to rational thinking and finally, to a sense of calmness. When I completed the 20 weeks, I was markedly different than when I started. It helped the GAD a bunch, too especially that awesome relaxation tape.

My question now is...what now? I was SO BORED and ANNOYED with spending 1/2 hr. a day reading over the handouts that I basically completely stopped, threw the papers in the back of my closet & said 'I'll be fine.' Um...let's just say while my GAD is still much better, my SA has come back with a vengeance. I was going on nerve-racking interviews, to classes at the gym by myself, to work and having fun, etc. etc. I was far from cured but I was much better than I had been. Now, I work from home and although I love it, I can barely get myself to walk down the street to the gym (I moved, so it's a new gym, and is obviously the problem!) I guess what I'm wondering is should I start the audio program over because it helped so much? I guess when you've had something for as long as you can remember, it's not going to change completely in just 20 weeks. Or do you think it's time I take a different approach? I'd just love to hear from anyone who has completed this course and what their follow-up approach was.

Thank you all so much!
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