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No One Understands!

so i have never posted to one of these fourms before but now that i see people in the same position as me i think it would be benefical i have severe anxiety....and my partner and i just broke up because of this....i always think shes mad at me....if she says something a certain way....or if it takes her more then a 5 minutes to text me back i instantly think she is going to break up with me and now i get so upset and text her over and over again i guess for the reassurance that shes not....we love eachother i know we are meant to be....but she cant handle this about stresses her out and causes us to fight and im to the point where i will do anything to make this go away to get her back i love her and i dont want to lose one seems to understand or express sympathy to the fact that i am going through this....and how tough it is inside....and now i have no one to talk to ....someone please help ! what do i do !
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