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best treatment that can possibly exist

I am at 13th tape right now and must say i feel like a completely different person. What people say and how they look at me just doesn't bother me any more! I can make it through the day feeling confident, energetic and at ease, and i am not tired in the evening like it used to be. Generally, without having to pay attention to my worries and other negative feelings, i became much more productive and i can focus on a task whatever it is.
When i just started the program, i only listened to one tape once a week and read one or two handouts every other day. There weren't almost any progress as i quickly forgot what i learnt. But Dr. Richards kept telling on the tapes about how important the repetition is and i finally got it. I came back to the 1st tape again and started read about 5 handouts a day every day. Even when one day was missed it was noticeable how it holds back the progress. I usually read this weeks handouts and several ones from past weeks that i feel i need to work on what are relevant to a problem i currently have (e.g. worry or any other). In this way the progress is really noticeable and quite stable. I spend approx 30 min-1 hour a day.
Since i started this program i quit taking any pills as there is no need for them any more. No pills in the world can make you think positive or can change you attitude toward thing, and this is what social anxiety is about. As somebody already said here, the only thing i regret is that i didn't have this program before. It's just what everyone with sa must have! As for the cost, almost any treatment isn't free, whether it antidepressants or therapists. I personally used to spend at least $100 every month trying new pills for many years and nothing was effective enough...

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