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Originally Posted by Drew View Post
(Copied over from old review system)

Posted by Sasha
Treatment Experience
This was the first medication I was ever prescribed and it ruined my life more than suffering with the depression and anxiety did. It made everything a whole lot worse. I started self mutilating and I turned into a monster. I was constantly angry and taking it out on everyone. It was a horrible experience. I lost all of my friends and eventually started isolating myself from the world completely. I even quit school while I was on this medication. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone.
I had a very similar experience. This was the first medication I was ever prescribed. At 20 mg, the uncomfortable affects of anxiety were quieted but I turned into a zombie. It didn't help my depression one bit...I think it made it worse. I was already really depressed but I can't shake the feeling that the meds precipitated suicidal thoughts for me. I didn't consistently self-mutilate, but I did do it and I winded up in the adolescent psych ward where they pumped me with more medication. I lost a lot of weight - I've got the stretch marks to prove it. And even after I stopped taking them, I left school for homeschool, lost my friends, and it took me months to break out of my depression. It wasn't all the fault of the medication, but it certainly had a hand.

I had no place to live

I couldn't find one

I don't know if I could have any hope for the future
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