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Wow, I thought this place was for finding help, I didn't realize coming here meant submitting to judgment and getting branded without due process.

People here throw the 'schizophrenia' thing around too easily. Open your minds people, spiritual awareness / consciousness raising resembles schizophrenia, at least in the way it's practiced commonly. I'd like to know who's handing out the doctorates to those of you willing to brand others so irresponsibly.

pameliux88 - do not accept a diagnosis of schizophrenia or psychosis without a second opinion. I recommend finding a second doctor that shares your faith or at least respects it. There is no way a doctor can responsibly prescribe meds without a serious course of analysis. What you are experiencing could have dozens of causes, make sure you're finding, or being told, the right one. It may even take you a long time but it's worth the effort, you need the truth, not a band-aid that's more a restraint than a relief.

Here's a word for y'all - Neurodiversity - look it up. Stop letting the neurotypicals tell you how to think and live. NTs are more schizophrenic than not. They're too darn fragile for their own good and their weakness is going to be more disastrous than constructive for our species.
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