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Originally Posted by ErichFranz View Post
so what did you do to stop buying things? besides running out of money?
Well, I got married and my husband is the only one who works, so all of our money is technically his and he holds onto it tight, so he doesn't allow me to spend frivolously. Actually, I probably only shop once every six months or so and just for a couple t-shirts or something, because that's all I'm allowed. Since I was forced to limit what I could and could not spend, I had no choice but to learn to control my spending better. I still don't work so I still completely rely on my husband for financial support, but if I started working again and I had my own money available for me to spend, I'm pretty confident that I would probably be able to control my spending/shopping urges a lot better than I used to be able to; and it's because I've had to live with my husband's limitations for a long time. His limitations conditioned me.

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