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Compulsive buying disorder

Anyone else think they might have this? I haven't been formally diagnosed or anything (don't know how they would do that anyway.) But I'm seriously addicted to buying things. Things I don't need. Mostly books, DVDs, and video games. But mostly books. It doesn't help that I have a debit card and am always online. I can buys things with the click of a button. And since I can find things that are used I always think I'm getting a great deal. I've only watched maybe half of the DVDs I own and have read probably less than 5% of the books I own. But I keep buying more and more and adding them to the pile.

I never pay much more than 10 dollars for a book, unless it's a book I really want and can't find anywhere else. Most of the books I buy are usually around 5 dollars or less. I think "oh, it's just a couple dollars, whats the big deal?" But I've bought so many that the price must have really added up. I'm guessing I've sent literally thousands of dollars on frivolous items that I don't need.

I keep telling myself that once I get a job, I'll make the money back, but still, no job yet.

I've subscribed to like 5 or 6 magazines in the past few days. I can't even keep track.

I'm seriously going to Goodwill right after I write this thread. It's the perfect store for me. Tons of cheap junk, electronics, and books.

I don't know what's wrong with me.
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