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Gradual Exposure --- This is a very specific one, I've learned that premature exposure nearly always backfires, the most import part of the concept is little bits of little interactions over time.
Eventually picks up speed, and eventually breaking the shell point.
From there on people develop their interpretation of "**** happens, how to get used to the ups and dows"... the notion of adjusting to spontaneous events tied up in time, yes life....
or in TL;DR acceptance of a sort.

Diversity Technique --- Ultimate reminder/ remember that even here- you will NEVER find someone who is 100% exactly like you so whenever you feel isolated remember that the root of your problem is shared because this is a disorder, being an individual doesn't mean you are alone. We all have problems and things can always get worse as much they can always get better

Also try and avoid thinking in absolutes.
Instead of thinking "She IS a *****" or "I AM a failure" think; "I FEEL like a failure" or "She SEEMS to be ACTING like a *****"
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