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^ There will be a very large area of overlap on that so like most of the traits it must be considered in its wider situation. But I was told during my assessment with the ADOS (a diagnostic instrument for autism) that not being upset about my solitude as a young child in the playground can be associated with autism.

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Yeah I think there is a big overlap of SA and aspergers. I have done both those tests. and scored normal. But I have heard criticism of the AQ - apparantly it's more of a measure of social introversion / discomfort than autism. That's probably why a lot of SAers score so high on it.
The social domain produces inevitable overlap with SAD. Social discomfort and difficulty are part of the core social domain of autism so there's not much getting around that. But the Asperger's/HFA group still scored significantly higher than the SAD group on the social interaction factor. The AQ also includes questions in other domains of autism, reducing the overlap with SAD. The study that included those with SAD and OCD found none in these groups scored above a certain point but 50% of the ASC group did and there was a significant group difference.

On an individual level there's no guarantee a high AQ score means being diagnosable with autism. It was designed largely to provide an indication for general practitioners as to whether a referral might be warranted.
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