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I wouldn't hit an 8yr old kid, I know there is a lot of consequences to that action. I was just saying what I would of loved to do and what I wanted to do, and if in my perfect world it was ok to do that then I'd do it without hesitation. I don't think many people understand why some people hate to be touched or w/e but its one of the things that pisses me off the most. Then, to get a little brat disrespect me and actually hit me...arrrgh. I HATE kids.

I probably can't tell his mom, shes a typical Mexican mother that defends each kid as if they would never do something bad. What I will probably do is tell his sister to keep him away from me and let my floor manager know bout this. I won't tell him about the little boy hitting me but rather tell him that they are taking time away from me and that way he will do something about it.

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