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Originally Posted by Ununderstood View Post
Okay so here is the story, I work at a grocery store and there is this 13 year old girl who lives in front of the store and she comes to the store all the time to offer us plates. Like she will offer mexican food and sell it to us including drink and everything. Sometimes I buy and sometimes I don't, thats besides the point though. Well, she also sometimes comes in with her little brother who must be about 8 years old who is always selling popsicles. Last Friday she and her lil bro came in an offered me popsicles and I asked how much they where and he said "2 for a dollar, or 50 cents each" and I told him "thats too expensive, ill buy 4 for a dollar". Money is currently tight so I am not going to spend a dollar on two popsicles he bought at the store I work in who are 99 cents for a pack of 12. He kept on nagging me to buy and I refused and out of nowhere he winds up his arm and punches my forearm. I was seriously pissed, and I think his sister could tell so they left soon after.

Well today (monday), they came again and the girl always chats up with us and her lil brother was there too and I told him again his shiz was too expensive
His shiz?

Oh I like that.

and I kept telling him I didn't want any and while I was talking to his big sister he kicks me in the shin pretty hard and at such an angle that it caused a very slight bruise which eventually scabbed. As soon as he kicked me I said "what are you doing?!?" in a pretty firm and pissed off voice. I wanted to grab him and punch him straight in the mouth so so bad. His sister was pissed at him too and they left quickly after he did that.

I am still pissed off, I have a very short temper and I don't like it when people touch me and even less hit me. I didn't say anything more cause the girl is very nice and well me being 6feet 210lbs against a 4feet or so 7-8 year old doesn't look to good. If he does this again, what do you guys think I should do?
Well you definitely shouldn't hit him. I don't think "doesn't look good" even begins to cover how bad a move that would be.

If these kids are being a nuisance (and it sounds like the little brat definitely is, even if his sister knows how to behave in public) then can't you have then banned from the store?

I hate little kids being allowed to behave like brats in public. Why do their parents think that the rest of us should have to tolerate their badly behaved offspring?
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