When is it Time to Seek Help for Social Anxiety?

When is it time to seek help for social anxiety? Conventional wisdom would say that if you’re asking, it’s time. Because everyone’s situation is different — from the specifics of your anxiety to the providers available in your area to whether or not you can afford to see someone based on your insurance – there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to seek help for social anxiety, there are a few things to consider.

What Do You Hope to Accomplish?

If you’re considering seeking help for your social anxiety, ask yourself what goal you have for doing so. There’s no magic cure for social anxiety, but you can learn new coping mechanisms or give yourself a refresher on the skills needed to forge through life in spite of your anxiety. If you find your coping mechanisms alone aren’t enough, you may be considering medication to be better able to use them.

Have a goal in mind for what you’d like to accomplish when seeking the help of a professional to deal with your social anxiety – you’ll be that much more prepared and more likely to get results.

What Are Your Limitations?

It’s unfortunate, but life can interfere with seeking help in a number of ways. Even though you really want or need the help, your schedule and finances may not allow you to commit to a weekly therapy session. Be upfront with the professionals you meet, regarding what you can and cannot do.

For example, if you need a professional who will meet with you after work, you’ll need to seek one out who offers extended hours. If your schedule is jam-packed because of work, family obligations, and school, you and your professional may need to work together to figure out a time that works for both of you – or meet less frequently than would be ideal.

Financially speaking, it helps to explore the options that are covered by your insurance if you have it. If not, most health departments can point you in the direction of clinics or providers who offer a sliding scale fee, payment plans or who accept credit lines like Care Credit.

Will You Stick with It?

Getting set up with a professional for your social anxiety takes a lot of work. The process can sound daunting – and sometimes finding the right fit can be overwhelming. If you think you might need help tackling your social anxiety, be sure you’re ready to commit and really stick with the process. It’s one thing to go through the initial process of seeking help and have to switch providers because they aren’t a right fit for your personality and needs, but it’s another entirely to “drop out” because you just can’t stick with it.

If you feel like your anxiety might prevent you from staying compliant with the course of treatment you and your provider agree on, mention it! They’re there to make sure you succeed and work through your anxiety – even if it means finding a way to get you into the office for your appointments.

Is it Time to Get Help?

Admitting you need help for your anxiety can make you feel depressed. One of the toughest things you can do is say “I can’t handle this by myself.” But you shouldn’t feel that way about getting help for your social anxiety. Remind yourself that you’re strong enough and smart enough to admit that you need a professional to tackle the job.

You wouldn’t try to take out your own appendix if it ruptured, would you? Just like physical health issues, it pays to be wise enough to let a professional help you sort through your emotional hurdles. Knowing what you want to accomplish – or at least having a vague idea – and communicating openly and honestly with service providers will set you up with the best possible outcome.


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