The Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is an extract of a compound from the cannabis plant, commonly known as marijuana. Unlike the whole plant or other extracts from it, CBD oil isn’t going to get you goofy: it’s not psychoactive, so there’s the potential to reap the benefits of the compound without experiencing a “high” or any other psychotropic side effects. As such, it’s possible that this compound could prove useful in treating anxiety disorders, including social anxiety.

The Legalities of CBD Oil

The answer of whether CBD oil is legal or not depends on your location as well as the source of your oil. Oil derived from hemp – a strain of the plant that contains none of the psychoactive properties whatsoever – is completely legal at a federal level. CBD oil derived from marijuana strains, however, exists in an ever-changing legal grey area as states change their marijuana legislature.

The legalities of CBD oil depend largely on whether your state allows medicinal use of cannabis only, medicinal and recreational use, restricted or limited access to CBD oil below a certain THC percentage. As of 2018, there are still several states where all marijuana and marijuana-derived products are completely illegal — meaning any CBD oil from a marijuana strain is illegal for use regardless of the THC content and source.

In addition to state laws, you may also face local legislation restricting the use of CBD oil. Some locations may restrict the sale to those with a doctor’s note, while others restrict the access of CBD oil to licensed dispensaries only – regardless of THC content in the extract – simply because of the plant it’s derived from.

Does CBD Oil Treat Anxiety?

Some anxiety sufferers report relief from symptoms with the use of CBD oil, while others find their symptoms worsen or the oil has no noticeable effects whatsoever. Those that benefit from CBD oil report feeling calmer, more at ease and better able to relax and sleep. There hasn’t been a lot of research into the efficacy of CBD oil in treating anxiety, let alone in its ability to treat social anxiety, but early research into the topic shows promising results.

As with other treatments, no one substance works the same for every person. Individual biochemistry varies, and what works for one person may be a nightmare for another. Additionally, the source of the oil may play a part in whether it’s effective or not, whether it works for you or whether it’s counterproductive in treating anxiety. With so many variables at play, it’s worth speaking to a qualified doctor who is well versed in both CBD oil or marijuana derived treatments and mental health treatments about the options available to you.

Is CBD Oil Right for Me?

Only you and your health care provider can decide if CBD oil is worth trying to treat your anxiety – assuming you’re in a location where it’s legal to do so. Speak to your mental health care professional about the possibility of exploring CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety. Even if they’re not a medical marijuana doctor, they still need to know what’s in your system as you work with them on your treatment. Being forthright with your health care practitioners is essential. While no known drug interactions for CBD oil exist, it’s important to record your attempt at using it in the event of an adverse reaction with your mental health.

Have you tried CBD Oil for anxiety? Was it useful? What advice can you give someone else considering it?

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