Is It Time for Your Medication?  Tips, Tricks and Tools to Help You Remember

Taking your medication on time is an important part of managing social anxiety. Some medications need to be taken within a specific window, while others should be taken with food or with other constraints. If you mess up the timing on any of your pills, it can set you up for a very rough day.

Given the importance of taking your meds on time, it stands to reason that you’ll want to find things that help you remember. Here are a few suggestions to help make sure that you don’t miss a dose.

Set an Alarm

This is one of the most common suggestions that people give for remembering to take your pills, but you’d be surprised at how many people still don’t set alarms as a reminder for pill time. While some people use an alarm clock or programmable timer, setting alarms on your smartphone may be a better option. Not only are you more likely to have it with you if you’re away from home at pill time, but most alarm apps also let you customize the alarm tone so you can set a special reminder tone just for your pills.

Smarter Scheduling

If you have a pill that has to be taken with meals, you’re more likely to remember it than pills you take at other times. This is due in large part to the fact that your meds become associated with something that you do every day. Even if you have meds that don’t require you to take them with meals, scheduling your morning pills around breakfast and evening pills around dinner can still make them easier to remember.

Visual Reminders

Pill boxes are one of the most effective ways to make sure that you remember your pills. Depending on the pill box you buy, you may have multiple compartments available per day to hold the pills you take at different times. The boxes make it easy to tell if you’ve taken a pill or not, and just seeing the box reminds you that you still have pills to take. If possible, store your pill box in a place where you’ll see it throughout the day (though out of reach of children or others who don’t need to get into your pills.) This will provide you with a gentle reminder of your pills at multiple times throughout the day.

Carry a Spare

If you frequently forget pills because you’re away from home when your alarm goes off, consider setting up a cache of pills that you can carry with you when you’re away from the house. Small pill containers are available for keychains or to drop in your pocket, and many are large enough to carry at least a dose or two of the pills you take every day. Fill up the container each time you get a refill of your meds and be sure to replenish it if you get caught away from home and have to take your spare pills. If you make it through the month without using your cache, use the cache to start filling your pill box after your next refill and place new pills into the cache to make sure that the pills in there don’t start losing their potency.

Establish a Ritual

You’re much more likely to remember things that are part of your routine. To help make your pills a part of that routine, establish a short self-care ritual in the morning and evening. This can include a shower, time for meditation, having a cup of tea or coffee and of course taking your medication. This will not only help you take your pills every day, but it can also improve your overall mental wellbeing since you’re taking a few minutes each day to take care of yourself.

Ask for Help

Social anxiety can make it difficult to interact with others, even those that you’re closest to. Your loved ones really do care, though, and they honestly want to help. If you’re still struggling to keep taking your medication every day, ask a friend or family member for help. The little nudge they give to ensure you’ve taken your meds can make a huge difference. On top of ensuring that you take your pills, it will also serve as a gentle reminder that you’re not alone.

Have you ever missed a dose of medicine? What are the tips and suggestions for remembering your pills that you find most effective?

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