Coping with Social Anxiety in the New Workplace

As the country is beginning to open itself back up, many of you are getting ready or may have already started working again. And although, as a whole, the United States is trying to pull itself back together, there are bound to be many people out there still struggling with the reality that is this new COVID-19 world.

Social anxiety can be hard to deal with on any day, but ever since the Coronavirus arrived on the scene, there is probably something else many of you are worried about now; possibly contracting or spreading the disease. Now, more than ever, it’s important for you to look after and be kind to yourself. Today we have a few tips that may help you feel a little bit lighter the next time you head out to work.

Do Your Best to Keep Healthy

Washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, keeping approximately six feet away from others, as much as possible, wearing a face mask, staying home from work if you’re sick; this is all basic protocol on what to do when you’re working in the wake of COVID-19. Staying on top of these “keeping COVID free” procedures can help you take back some control while helping keep you and your co-workers healthy.

Try to Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Going to sleep can be the deciding factor between waking up a moody, dead-eyed, shuffling zombie, or a bright-eyed, functional individual when you’re getting ready to start your day. While it makes perfect sense that your sleep pattern and general routine have been blown to pieces because of the stay-at-home order, it’s best to try to adjust your schedule in a way that lets you sleep through the night.

Keeping to a Schedule Can Be Helpful

Speaking to routines, having a constant schedule of your job back in your life can actually be a great benefit to you. The distinct lack of structure can exacerbate many mental issues and anxiety. A return to your schedule can help you feel a bit more balanced again.

It’s Perfectly Normal to Feel Anxious

There is nothing wrong with feeling anxious. You’ve been dealing with huge changes because of the pandemic and it’s ok to feel a little off-centered. Going back to work after such a dramatic change is bound to feel strange. It’s fine to feel that way when things become uncertain and you’re undoubtedly not alone in that.

Educate Yourself

What we mean here is that you should arm yourself with facts about how COVID-19 works and what your workplace is doing to keep you safe. With the proper knowledge, you can feel safer and more confident about what’s going on in the world around you. Knowing how the Coronavirus works can allow you to better help others feel less stressed, too. You can find common ground among others by helping spread correct information about the novel Coronavirus and what to do to mitigate its spread.

Look After Your Mental Health

If you’ve been seeing a mental health specialist of some kind before and during the stay-at-home order, then keep doing so. If there are any such resources being offered to help you manage your anxiety, then take advantage of them. Continuing or starting talks with a therapist can help your transition back to work.

It may not be easy for many to get back into the swing of things and that’s ok. Remember though, that the adjustment is possible. For all of those reading that have their own “back to work” tips or stories, you can share them with your fellow readers in the comments below. Keep your heads up and be safe guys – you got this.

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