4 Notable Figures Who Live with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can leave you feeling alone and isolated. Support groups, therapy and online forums like Social Anxiety Support can help ease these feelings but may not help if you need a role model or example of how to live with social anxiety. Celebrities and others in the public eye can and often do have their struggles with anxiety — and those that are open and candid about it serve as powerful reminders that no one is ever truly alone in their experiences. These four notable figures have all spoken on their struggles and triumphs in living with social anxiety.


British songstress Adele won a Grammy for her work, but the singer has been open about her severe social anxiety. In 2011, the performer told Rolling Stone magazine how she suffered from it, to the point of escaping out fire exits after shows to avoid the crowds and being so scared she vomited on a fan in Spain. Performing is a gift for Adele, and she works through it by remembering that those who come to see her are happy to be there. Still, she sets reasonable limits to help herself cope with her anxiety – the performer refuses to play music festivals because it would be detrimental to her mental health to be around that many people.

Zack Greinke, Pitcher for the Houston Astros

Men are less often diagnosed than women with social anxiety disorders; as a result, there are far fewer public figures who are male who speak on their journey to cope. When those figures are in sports, there’s often extra, added pressure to appear “macho,” enforcing a toxic silence that helps no one. In 2019, baseball player Zack Greinke, who is a professional pitcher for the MLB team, the Houston Astros, is one of the few men in sports who has come forward about living with social anxiety. In a game against the New York Yankees, fans further enforced the stigma of social anxiety by taunting the pitcher with personal attacks and insults. Still, Greinke continues to play and serve as a role model for young men who are grappling with social anxiety.

Donny Osmond

From childhood star to pop singer and actor, Donnie Osmond has enjoyed a long career in the public eye. Although performers face less pressure to appear macho than their sporty counterparts, there’s still the fear of rejection and pressure when admitting to a battle with social anxiety.

Donnie Osmond has been open and honest about his life with anxiety – admitting in an interview on the 48 Hours TV show, in the year 2000, that he suffered silently since his preteen years. As an adult, his anxiety became so severe and his panic attacks so frequent that he finally sought help. In doing so, he made it a little more acceptable to seek help for your fears and issues – showing that it’s not a failing, but a commendable step in taking care of your own health and well-being.

Jennifer Lawrence

Hollywood golden girl J-Law has been open about the fact that she’s had social anxiety since she was a child. Had she not struggled with it, we might have never seen her grace our screens in movies like The Hunger Games or X-Men. Jennifer Lawrence began acting as a means to try to overcome her social anxiety. Performing on stage – and eventually on film – helped her feel more at ease in her own skin and made interacting with others easier.

Her first mention of it came in a 2013 interview for the French magazine, Madame Figaro. In the interview, she admits to feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy because of her extreme anxiety in social situations. J-Law cited the support of those closest to her, like her mother, as a big factor in finding a coping mechanism that works for her.

Celebrities with Social Anxiety

It can often feel like you’re alone in dealing with your social anxiety, but millions of people are on similar journeys to feel comfortable – even if you don’t know it. From the celebrities listed here to other big names like Harrison Ford, Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga and more, you’re truly not alone. In looking to the lives and stories of public figures with social anxiety, you may feel less alone, might be inspired to seek help or find new coping mechanisms or just find the courage to face one small fear today – which can lead to facing more another time.

Do you have a celebrity role model for dealing with anxiety? If so, who is it?


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