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ordered food to go at a restaurant by myself

This is something I really hate to do. I am normally able to do this once I'm at the restaurant, but if I ever have a chance to avoid it (like, say, having my husband order for me!), I totally will.

Well, on this occasion we decided on our destination (Pasta!) and we parked. He got distracted by another restaurant though, and he immediately went inside without me. I was really mad! I was all psyched up for the place we were going, and I didn't have room in my anxiety-riddled brain for a different place. So I thought he was just checking out something, so I stayed outside (there were 2 policemen sitting outside a little ways down, and they made me nervous for some reason). Then I see him order something! I was furious. Now my choices were to 1) Go inside and order something from there; 2) Go to the initially intended restaurant and order something for myself; 3) Wait outside or in the car until he came out so he could then order for me in the other place.

I guess I was fueled by anger and the embarrassment of having to wait, so I just went along with choice 2. I put on my "I'm a nice polite person who does normal things" hat, and was able to order without a problem. Then I had to wait. The before and after is usually the hardest part because I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. Then my husband came out of the other place and wanted me to wait with him. I was just still so mad at him for "ditching" me that I stayed inside. I was so focused on being mad that it kept my heart rate down.

Afterward I met him outside with my goods and he hugged me and said, "I'm so proud of you!" I was still very angry with him. "For what??" "You didn't wait for me and just went in there and did all that yourself! Good job!" And I was still mad! But after he apologized for leaving me so abruptly, I really thought about it, and I felt good that I took some initiative, and that he noticed.

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Re: ordered food to go at a restaurant by myself

good job!hmmmm my girl friend also pushes me to do things that i been hating to do (buying stuffs, going to cinema, theaters, going to a park) but when i finally did it. im thanking her for pushing me to do things like that!

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Re: ordered food to go at a restaurant by myself

Whee! Super yay!

Strike one for the SA fighters! And well done on the thread starting too!


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Re: ordered food to go at a restaurant by myself

Wow, that's a great accomplishment and story! Grats!

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