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Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a perennial herb in the mint family Lamiaceae, native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. In England it may be known simply as "balm".

Lemon Balm is used as an anxiolytic, mild sedative or calming agent. At least one study has found it to be effective at reducing stress, although the study's authors call for further research. Lemon balm extract was identified as a potent inhibitor of GABA transaminase, which explains anxiolytic effects.

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melissa_officinalis
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I'd say give it a shot. I think taking a holistic approach is better than placing all one's hopes in a pill.

I have taken tinctures of lemon balm in the past with some success. For whatever reasons, though, I stopped taking it.

Recently, I have been sticking with a daily regiment of lemon balm and ginkgo tinctures, combined with vitamin D drops (for lack of sun exposure) and a rhodiola capsule (to improve mood, energy). I have definitely noticed a positive change.

I have less apprehension about leaving my apartment. My overall energy and focus has improved. I remember things better. I don't take comments so personally. I am more proactive.

While I do still have anxiety, I feel calmer and better at coping with it than before, even when I was taking Zoloft.

I still have my struggles, mind you, but I don't spend as much time over-thinking things. I feel more relaxed and confident, better able to enjoy the little things.

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Lemon does help to alleviate some of my anxiety.
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Does this stuff really work? How do you use it and how much? What brand do you recommend?


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Lemon balm is an ingredient that is used in RestAid that restores depleted glutathione levels in those who are low on it (almost all chronically ill or diseased patients are low on the mother antioxidant glutathione, including those with anxiety).

MSM is a great supplement. First of all, it raises glutathione levels which is the mother antioxidant in the body. The level of glutathione is low in countless diseases in most people including autoimmune disorders and anxiety and many more. When this is low, immunity plummets, things go wrong like a domino effect and you will continue to feel sicker and sicker and be labeled with all of the "things" wrong with you.

I've had MS for 7 years and the worsening effects of it for 14 years before anyone could figure out that's what I've had. I live in a depressed south jersey area where drs. seem to do more harm than good. I still am not on any treatment for this yet as my drs. are too concerned fighting back and forth whether it's MS or not, although UPENN said it was. Within this time I've suffered anxiety, brain fog, aggravation, anger, social alienation, facial breakouts most of the time, UTI's, severe pain in limbs which was failed to be treated as well, crying if I were going to be here for my kids as a single parent and a mirror imaging effect on my brain in which things on the left I perceived as things on the right and vice versa. There was one point in time my fight or flight mechanism was all screwed up, when I got startled by the least little thing the right side of my body got weak. I would wake up to a pounding heart in the middle of the night. All tests for strokes and heart attacks checked out fine. Raising these levels are important in any disease or illness. You can get tested to see if your levels are low. I haven't because it seems to be too much to get a dr. to do something around here they don't want to.

MSM is a sulphur based mineral which has the same toxicity level as water. It's less toxic than salt. It should not be confused with the inorganic forms of sulphur crammed into sulfa drugs that people have had countless skin reactions while taking.

I began taking MSM a week ago. Although, for a "normal" person it takes 2 weeks to notice effects, I noticed it the 2nd day. Still have a bit of brain fog, but not as dillusional. I want to call my friends on the phone and talk, my kids are happier and I feel like a different person. I'm not ready to run a marathon, but I will continue to take this because it has relieved almost every problem I have and I feel happier by the day! MSM also remyelinates the nerve sheaths. I would be interested in knowing if this will clear up the demyelinated lesions on my brain. I'll give it 6 months and get another MRI. I'm not a doctor and I'm not claiming this is a cure, but whatever makes you feel better do it! This is the best I've felt in years!
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Red face lemon balm MSM

QueenLL---you have given me hope of feeling normal again! What type of lemon balm do you take-brand, capsule or powder?
Thanks so much for sharing
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I like lemon balm's calming effect. The problem is, though, that I have mild hypothyroidism and lemon balm is goitrogenic. It kind of blocks or lowers the amount of thyroid hormone available to my body even more. The result is emotional instability.

I was taking a calming supplement that included L-theanine, which I love. It was New Nordic Melissa. It had melissa (lemon balm), l-theanine, chamomile, and b-vitamins. I'd find myself sitting on the floor staring calmly at things (if I exclude me getting easily pissed off.)

friend_Z mentioned Rhodiola... my husband takes a rhodiola based liquid daily and it helps him. I've been avoiding it due to worries about stimulating effects but I may try some soon.

Anyhow, if anyone reading this has thyroid issues and lemon balm isn't really helping, then it's because lemon balm is goitrogenic.
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I have taken all the supplements under the sun for anxiety. I found
the best was lemon balm hands down. It reduced the anxiety and didnt give me any spaced out or groggy sideffects which some have.
Its kind of a subtle supplement and good for mild anxiety. It worked well in the days when i had mild anxiety i should say.
Its interesting that it affects the thyroid gland , i didnt know that. Would it be beneficial in people with hyperthyroidism as opposed to hypo?

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Hm that's a good point sparky.

If someone is anxious due to hyperthyroidism melissa should be extra helpful. So should soy, all legumes, all foods from the brassica group, sweet potatoes, chlorinated and fluoridated water!

Unless one has sluggish thyroid function or cortisol issues, then I think it gets complicated.
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I know the method. It's unique and extremely effective. It seems like this is the only method that deals with the cause of mental disorders. I know someone who used it. He managed to effectively cure his anxiety. He had been suffering from ocd and bipolar disorder for so many years...
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Originally Posted by popeet View Post
Hm that's a good point sparky.

If someone is anxious due to hyperthyroidism melissa should be extra helpful. So should soy, all legumes, all foods from the brassica group, sweet potatoes, chlorinated and fluoridated water!

Unless one has sluggish thyroid function or cortisol issues, then I think it gets complicated.
could you provide some citation from where you found that it's not good for people with cortisol issues?
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I just smoked lemon balm.
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Lemon Balm for me

I tried Lemon Balm today got some really expensive pills cost $24! Anyhow it said to take one pill... I did so and I could feel the effects of it, I at times tend to have mostly minor anxiety.. it can get worse but right now it is minor... anyhow the lemon balm seemed to make my anxiety worse! Has anyone ever had that happen?
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I hear about such method for the first time. Does it have any contraindications?

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I bought some recently and this is the best anxiety relief supplement I've found yet. If I take a bit more than the recommended dose, it just makes me more relaxed, and also my head is clear and focused. I really like this one. I'm getting more.
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When you read posts you think its rating would be 5 stars but it has one -.- WTF

THere really should be some rating details, at least the number of voters
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Lemon balm does nothing for anxiety, but it helps my mood and depression. I make tea from fresh leaves.
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