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Question do psychiatrist really care?

i guess most of psychiatrists don't even have a longer time listening to your problems and concerns. after you tell her your story, she'd just prescribed you a medicine and 'be back after 2 weeks..' have you encountered such attitude?
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The first first one I saw concluded my first session by leaning back in his chair, kicking his feet up on the desk and saying, "My conclusion have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome." Well...da! What a waste of my time, and money. He suggested anti-depressants, which I eventually tried 4 different kinds, and they all turned me into a pooping zombie. Then he suggested I find a woman therapist to confide in, since problems stemmed from my father, abusive men, past relationships, etc, etc. Well, the woman therapist I went to, I suspect had more depression and craziness in her perfect life than I did in mine. She gave me a list of a lot of books to read, and different pill to try. It only made me feel worse talking about my problems to her, she didn't really understand. That was 10 years ago. I've been doing just fine without them. I concluded life just takes time, acceptance, love, and a whole bunch of effort.
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happy :)
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yer i notice the thing about psychiatrists they are really good at finding out your problem but well having a solution they just don't have the answer's , mine is always telling me about the things i need to be doing because of my social anxiety and i already know that but that's about all she really says, i wonder to myself if nest week when i see her if she'd be saying the same ole bull sh*t

I know it seem hard sometimes but uhh
Remember one thing "Through every dark night, there's a bright day after that ,So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, Keep your head up, and handle it"

- Tupac Shakur -
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do psychiatrist really care?
well, the answer to that is simple, and let me be absolutely clear about this: no

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the decision to act in spite of it.
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Are you only talking about psychiatrists or also psychologists?

Why should psychologists care?
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Hell ****ing NO. I've seen tonnes of doctors from crisis team including a psychologist and they are either smug, unsympathetic or you get the impression they are either picturin their wages rather than giving a damn about how you feel. They are all drug pushers in my opinion..have no solutions to my problems and treat me like a test subject rather than a human. They are emotionally cold people from my own personal experiences. Their lack of understanding and care makes me feel more alone, and I'm already a loner.

I feel like I could totally break down and rearrange how their "services" are run and do a better job organising **** myself
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This is scary.

What if psychiatrist only want to make people depend on drugs to keep them coming back even if drugs actually make it worse?

When I told my psychiatrist/neurologist about being depressed he said that we have to do something about it and gave me celexa. But so far it didn't help one bit it only caused more problems by me being tired all day. And he already knew that I am under pressure and have to work and be productive. I don't even know if it was responsible of him to prescribe me something in such a situation without knowing if it would help me. Since I started taking celexa I hardly got to do any work.
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The psychiatrist I have seems to care, I told her that I don't have any friends at college and full days were a bit much for me. She arranged a meeting with the college for me not to go in as much as I do. She said she was disappointed that the college hadn't got back to me yet. She seems to be trying to help me as much as possible.

"The darkness is death - we can speak, but we are not heard. We can scream but they turn their backs. We can run, but we cannot catch them. It is the dream where arms and legs won't work the way they should, and the air is too thick to breathe. Loved ones walk a mile ahead, forgetting to stop as we fall behind. This is the reality of the darkness. We are buried alive inside ourselves."-Dana-Christene Umanetz
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I think there may be some out there that genuinely care (with any luck anyway), however I believe that the vast majority are more interested about their pay packets at the end of the day. The one I saw was clearly more concerned about just filling out paperwork, going through protocol and getting a good wage. It was so disconcerting as she was visably unconcerned about my welfare, she made me feel guilty about me finally seeking professional help for my depression and SA and almost appeared to be reading from a script. One that considers people suffering from social anxiety as the same rather than as individuals. It's put me off seeking any further help completely as I'd be put on a very long waiting list once more and there's a good chance I'd only be offered her again in the area I reside in.

"To know is nothing at all, to imagine is everything"!
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[QUOTE=nbtac41;1059458749]b back after 2 weeksQUOTE]

thats mine exactly
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I'm planning on being a psychologist, and I chose that because I care about people and want them to get better. Sadly, a lot of people who I study with don't really care about people. So some care, but others shouldn't have even considered this career in the first place.

All in all, you were all just bricks in the wall
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They care about getting you to take them pills.

I think the problem with psychologists and psychiatrists is that most of them simply don't "get" it. Especially when it comes to psychologist. For whatever reason, these people get paid to advise people on feelings and situations that most of them have probably never experienced themselves. So, in my experience, talking to them is about as good an idea as talking to the mailman or the McDonalds cashier about your problems. None of these parties will care about what it is you have to say, and, more consequentially, none of these groups will know what the **** they're talking about or doing when they advise you or prescribe medicine to you.

I personally think it's a huge warning sign if you go to a place and they diagnose you after only one visit, or, EVEN WORSE, when they prescribe medicine to you and are belligerent or coercive about it. The counselors at my current university are literally nothing but drug pushers, with the only exception that what they're doing is "legal" and they can hide all of their aggression behind the veneer of trying to help you (since you're nothing but a poor crazy ******* who needs to do everything they say anyway.).

My last psychologist was a ****ing bully. She basically told me that I would never get better if I didn't start taking pills RIGHT NOW, because obviously I was incapable of working through my problems like I wanted to- because I had identified the things that were troubling me and just wanted to resolve them. But, of course, she knows me better than I know myself, so she's the one that's best at determining what's good for me. After all, she's the one with the degree.

Went on the pills, and they made everything worse, with the added benefit of making me stupid, sluggish, and extremely suicidal. When I said that I was having bad side-effects, their solution was to make the dosages stronger. Kept taking the medication religiously, while it still did nothing to improve my depression or anxiety. At one point, the drowsiness caused by the medication got so bad that I was falling asleep while talking to other people mid-sentence. It was so jarring.

The psychologist displayed an utter lack of empathy and understanding when I spoke to her about my problems, but was still totally insistent that she KNEW I should be on medication.

I complained to the doctors continually about the medication being ineffective, but they would never listen to me. They went from saying that the medication should work in two weeks, to saying it should work in three months, six months, two years... At this point, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that I was a part of some medical experiment they were hosting. Nothing about their behavior made any sense.

If you're prescribed medications, you'd better make sure you get the right ones the first time, because it's unlikely that the doctors will believe or be willing to change course once you tell them that their plans aren't working.

I got off the pills, stopped seeing my failure of a psychologist, and although things were very rough for a patch, I still feel way better than I ever did while dealing with them. At the end of the day, I think that people who are going through similar problems are much better to talk to than someone totally removed from the situation. I'm also beginning to think that psychology and especially psychiatry are mostly bs fields occupied by bs people.
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They care about your money.
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I think some do some don't like anybody.
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I've been to two and both of them just told me to be more social and then gave me a ton of pills. Seriously, I've learned more from books than from any psychiatrist I've seen.
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My psychaitrists in the past have generally not cared, however every psychologist I have worked with has cared.

"It's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared." -- Whitney Young Jr.
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Originally Posted by Cletis View Post
I've been to two and both of them just told me to be more social and then gave me a ton of pills. Seriously, I've learned more from books than from any psychiatrist I've seen.
me too!
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blessed with lucky sevens
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Most, if not all things in life follow the Gaussian curve/Bell curve/Parabola of distribution pictured below.

If you can imagine, most Psychiatrists would be sitting around the middle region of curve. They are neither really dodgy or really superb. But then, you have leaning towards the ends of both tails, the outliers: Some psychiatrists are bad bad bad and don't care much and then on the flip side some are the best, most caring ones you will ever find in this world. But you see, there are far less of these two extremes. Most psychiatrists are somewhere around the middle.

So, if you unfortunately have a bad experience I'm sorry that happened, but please, continue searching because they are not all bad.
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They care about the money they get.
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As far as I've seen, the type of psychiatric care we have right now is more art than science. Honestly, there aren't enough tools, funds, nor interested parties to actually find the root of the problem and solve it nor any simple or perfect cure. Even if practitioners do care, they might not be able to help you and a lot of the older ones are so jaded by all the crap that goes on, so they prescribe you drugs and hope some combination works. I guess you can only watch so many patients live miserable lives and not be able to cure them before you become numb to it (this happens to most people working in fields where you see death and misery and all that). One of the reasons I refused to go into psych nursing was because it wears you down inside when you know you can't really make it better for your patients because frankly, there are many things that pills and strangers in white coats can't cure. If you work in that field either you have to dissociate yourself from your patients and their problems while treating them or you will become a patient yourself. In medical and nursing schools, you are taught to never form personal relationships or attachments to your patients and to always remember that barrier between patient and professional, that's why a lot of them seem so aloof. So for them it is a job, and at any given time, how many people are really motivated to give their job all they've got everyday? A lot of them do genuinely want to help patients even if they can't or don't, others are just there to get a paycheck. I've briefly worked at a mental health institute and this has been my experience with being on the other side of the equation. :/

*edit* - It's true about what another poster said about them not 'getting it'. Until you've experienced these feelings/thoughts, you can only imagine what it's like. I personally did not have said experience during the time I worked there and I really couldn't relate to the patients. Now, I think I would be a lot better at it and I care more because I know what it's like.

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