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Dreaming about family members who have passed on?

It seems like everytime i fall asleep, i have these dreams about my deceased Grandmother and Aunt. I never dream about them two in the same dream though. They always happen on different days. 1 day i will dream about my Aunt, the next day i will dream about my Grandma. My grandmother died from kidney failure and old age and my Aunt died from Cancer. Whenever i dream about either one of them, i always see them in a sick state. They are never happy and well in my dreams. They suffer in my dreams just like they did before they died. My aunt died in the hospital and i just had a dream about her being sick in a hospital bed. When i dreamed about my Grandma yesterday she was very ill and was deaf. She never had a hearing problem before she died. I don't get it. I also have 2 part dreams. U know when u dream about something depressing or negative then the other fase of your dream be positive?? Like when i had this dream this morning about my Aunt in the hospital, the whole thing was just sad and weird then I start dreaming about me and my old friends(we haven't spoken in 6 yrs because of my SA) in a Mall Food Court eating and talking. I am very outgoing and dont have SA at all. I just feel free and alive for once. Then i wake up and i'm back to my SA life again

What do it mean and is it a good or bad sign? Are they or God trying to tell me something?
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I hope dreams are not necessarily God trying to tell us something. Last night I dreamt that I was fighting robots who were shooting lasers, managed to defeat them, but then they walled me into my bathroom very "Cask of Amontillado" style.

Don't ask me where it came from because I don't have a clue. I am a nonviolent, nonconfrontational GIRL for crying out loud who doesn't have much interest in lacer shooting robots. I have a recurring dream about either my grandmother who passed away or my childhood dog. I typically find them in the same place, but like you said, never in the same dream. I never really analyzed them, though.

Maybe you haven't let go of them and still think about them in their final state? My sister once did a dream study for a science project and proved that if you talk about your dreams you are not only more likely to remember them when you wake, but are more likely to dream the same dream again. Maybe this is partially what's happening?

If you think God is trying to send you a message, open up your heart and mind and ask him what the message is. If you listen, he will most likely reveal it to you.

I hope this helps (or at least amuses you somewhat!)

Great strength comes from faith in God..Zechariah 12:5
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I have dreams involving deceased family and friends may times. Normally, I see them the way before they were close to death (i.e., my father when I was in my 20's, friends from when they were in college, etc.). Listen to them sometimes. I tend to learn from the dreams (at least the ones I remember).
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