Which parent do you resemble more? - Social Anxiety Forum
View Poll Results: Mother or father?
Mother 23 37.70%
Father 14 22.95%
Both 14 22.95%
Neither / Some other relative 5 8.20%
I don't know. 5 8.20%
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Which parent do you resemble more?

I think I'm 50/50 on this one. Half the people I know will say I look like my mother while the other half will say I look like my father. A few things for sure: I have my father's nose and I have my mother's bone structure (cheeks especially).
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I would say it's 60:40 Mother:Father

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My father, unfortunately. Not a good look for a female. Growing up, I was jealous of my mother because of how pretty she was/is.
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Probably my father. My mother's side of the family has a very distinctive look, such that her sister's kids looked exactly like my maternal grandfather when they were born. o.o My brother and I didn't have that look.

Meanwhile I took a photo of myself a long while back, and the sun was shining brightly down on my head, making my hair look thinner and emphasizing my jowls, and I was stunned to see I looked a lot like my paternal grandmother.

I inherited my mother's shortness, though. And her thyroid disorder. >:/

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Both. Both my parents are/were slightly below average in height and have/had a big forehead and wavy brown hair. I'm the same but an inch or two taller than my mom. I'm very pale like my dad and the shape of my eyes is similar to his. My mom had darker skin. I have green eyes like my mom. My dad has blue eyes. I have wide hips and perfectly shaped teeth (no braces needed) like my mom. Didn't get her big boobs though, hahahaha. My sister got those.

My dad has diarrhea very often, which he loves to talk about. My sister seems to have a similar issue and the very first thing she does in the morning is take a crap. I like to tease her and say she got our dad's a-hole......hahahahaha.

It's hard to say if my lower face is similar to my dad's because he was born with a cleft lip/palate. So he had to have surgery on his nose and mouth/lips. His nose was all sunken in before that. Who knows what his face would look like naturally.
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Dad's a-hole ....I resemble my mothers side of the family, strong build with dirty blond/light brown hair & blue eyes, my father was light build with green eyes & black hair, even though I was born with black hair which fell out at a few weeks old & grew back blond XD

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giggling ******
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No comment.

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Both. The only thing that looks like neither of my parents are my eyes because I have a sort of Asiatic eye shape despite no Asian heritage to speak of. My niece has a slightly similar eyeshape though and she's only related to me via my mother (my brother is a half brother, my mum's son), so I'm guessing I got my eyeshape mainly from my mother's genes. I think Asiatic eyes are quite common in Hispanic populations though.
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My dad, mostly certain personality traits/expressions accentuate this but also eyebrows, and face to some extent. I look a bit like some other extended family members too and don't look much like my mum though I inherited her heavy footedness and short stature. Very often when I look in the mirror I see my dad though, which is weird... Not as weird as the times when I'm wearing glasses and I see my grandma though.

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Are you an anarchist, by any chance?
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I look like my dad, but I have my mum's hair. Two people have told me I look like my mum, so I might look more like her than I thought.

One of my sisters looks like our dad, and the other looks more like our mum. My niece and nephew look like my dad, but their mum is the sister who looks like my mum.

I read somewhere that daughters look like their fathers and sons look like their mothers. This thread makes me think it's true.

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Unfortunately I look almost identical to my biological mother.. who I am absolutely not close with.
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I think I resemble my Dad more. I've noticed I seem to share most of his interests (especially a deep love for Mexican food lol), one which most of all which I will probably never live up to that is math because I'm pretty bad at it. I naturally grow alot of long, dark hairs that I probably get from him. I'm also more masculine and laid-back. I'm more of a practical person like he is. When I need something I just want to get it and leave, while my mother may idle around for what feels like hours just fussing over the appearance or quality. I think my feminine side may resemble my mother somewhat in attitude but that's about it. I've always been pretty different from her in terms of personality, but I have been told I looked like her when she was younger.

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Everyone says I look just like my mom, but unfortunately I have inherited all of the issues she had too such as anxiety.

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My family thinks I resemble my mother more. Long face, strong features, but I got my dad's feet ahaha
My sister tells me I look like a younger version of my grandmother but I've yet to see any younger photos of her.

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Mostly my dad. A little like my mom though.
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I'm really not sure. I look like both, but kinda like neither. I have some of their features, such as eyes, forehead size, chin, nose and teeth. But overall I think some might think I'm adopted. If I had dark skin like my dad I might look more like him. But I am light skinned like my mom but with Hispanic features. I don't think I really look white but I have light skin..?? It's weird. But cool, I like it.
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Most people say my dad but I say neither.

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def not sleeping.
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Father 800 percent.

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...my father...but i don't think i really look like either one. sort of an assorted mix.

Who am I, then? Tell me that first, and then, if I like being that person, I'll come up; if not, I'll stay down here till I'm somebody else.
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