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you know you're cursed/you know you have bad luck when....

ok this might be weird but just a thread for those who feel they are cursed, have bad luck etc....

my list

1. youre 32, a virgin and your only boyfriend was an old guy who woudnt
have sex with you but was into any creature sexually
2. your parents are your worst enemies and have stolen from you ruined
your life and screwed up your life- yet they are the only people
in your life too
3. you have no friends and the only people in your life are psychopaths
who are your worst enemies and have ruined you and done bad
things to you
4. you are forced to dael only with your worst enemise and absuers
bc/ for some reason no one else is allowed in your life
5. you still go on dates with your horrible ex bf who is 58 years old
who treats u like a puppet and has u wear high heels
and look trashy and sleazy, and makes derogatory comments about
you in public
6. u cant get away from all the psycho people, b/c when u look
only more psychos come into your life
7. u sit around watching other people have great lives, year after year
while only more bad happens to you...and the stack just piles up
8. after dodging one hell with an abuser, u try to heal but another hell
starts, so you have to keep fighting oppression abuse and suffering
and every abuser just keeps winning
9. your poor pets have to suffer all the tragedies you have and sit
around watching all the bad happent o you and deal with your
whacko abusers
10. your life is either loneliness or being abused and not much else....
11. everytime u try to make friends or join a group- u get judged
bullied and kicked out...
12. everytime u try to do something...people are badmouthing u
trash talkign you and trying to stop u from doing it or spreading
false rumors about you
13. everyone hates you despite how nice u are to them and u can't
seem to do anything about it
14. u have no one to hang out with/no friends
15. someone who pressed charges against u months ago and set it up
to destroy you is the only person who talks to you
16. everyone has brainwashed you or keeps telling you your absuers are
great ppl good for you and tries to tell you to still hang around them
17. despite begging and pleading for help from ppl-- uve gotten no help
and ppl just helping out those who want to ruin your life
18. your life is a disaster/nightmare and no one matter what u try to do
to change it, help it, get help-- it just keeps getting worse and
more bad keeps happening to you
19. your life is like murphy's law-- you'll never get anything u want, bad things always
happen at those perfect timings..nothing ever works out right, everything is a disaster
and nothing good ever happens to you....
20. random people pick on you bother you or make fun of u anywhere you go, or people
always want to put u down, or pick a fight with you or be negative to you
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